Church of the Kettles

Church of the Kettles

Dear Friends:

Greetings to all our faithful cottagers and guests who make time on summer Sundays to visit the Church of the Kettles.

This year we celebrate 131 years of Christian worship on Lake Muskoka, with 116 years in our historical church pavilion. Barb Black, with great planning, has lined up our summer schedule of distinguished ministers beginning on Sunday July 3, at 10:30 AM. Attached is the printed schedule for all nine services.

I invite you, your family, children and friends to join us for a boat trip to church where you can embrace community fellowship, renewal of faith, and celebration of music. What a glorious way to spend Sunday morning in Muskoka!

A special welcome is extended to first timers – you will discover all you have heard about the Kettles is true; peace, tranquility, history – nestled in the wildwood.

Tradition harkening back to days of old Muskoka.

Yours truly,

Paul Doolan, Chair

The Board of Trustees

Church of the Kettles
Mortimer’s Point, Muskoka



10:30 AM

July 3

Rev. William Sherwin
Orillia, Ontario

First Sunday
dock social

July 10

Rev. David Warren
Barrie, Ontario

July 17

Rev. Dr James Thomson
Bracebridge, Ontario

July 24

Rev. Maggie Keats
Gravenhurst, Ontario

July 31

Rev. Susan Eagle
Barrie, Ontario

 131st Anniversary Service Luncheon

August 7

Rev.Stewart Bell
North Bay, Ontario

August 14

Rev. Ken Heron
Bracebridge, Ontario

August 21

Rev. Gordon Flint & Rev. Linda Goy Flint
Arnold’s Point, Newfoundland

August 28

Rev. Jane Haapiseva

 Final Sunday
dock social

Mrs. Frances Hayter – Director of Music

Paul Doolan

Douglas Jarrett

Barb Black


Ruth Bastedo
Paul Doolan
Stan Hunter
John Lawson
Barb Black

Steve Benson
Marion Elliott
Douglas Jarrett
Janet Nixon
Gary Watson

John Carrie
Frances Hayter
Chris Kerr

We invite you, your family and friends to share in the fellowship of worship
In this, our 131st year at the Kettles


In Response to inquires regarding marriages to be performed in the Church of the Kettles, the Board of Trustees has agreed on these guidelines for the assistance of the persons who wish to be married in the Church.
1 The Church of the Kettles has been serving the worship needs of the Muskoka summer community within which it is situate for nearly 125 years. The Church is administered by a Board of Trustees. The Board may grant or refuse an application for permission to marry in the Church.
2 The Kettles Association is a local community association which uses the church premises and docks for a variety of community and children’s activities. The Association assists financially in the maintenance of the premises and the docks.
3 Any person who is a member of the community of worshipers in the Church, who is a member of the Kettles Association, or is connected to or has a relationship with any member of the Church or of the Association is entitled to be married in the Church of the Kettles subject only to the overriding authority of the Board of Trustees.
4 The application to marry in the Church of any person whether that person is a person described in paragraph 3 or not, shall be dealt with by the Board of Trustees or its delegate promptly and in its sole discretion.
5 The marriage fee for the use of the Church for a person described in paragraph 3 is $250.00.
6 The marriage fee for the use of the Church for a person other than a person described in paragraph 3 is $500.00.
7 The person who is being married shall make all appropriate arrangements for the wedding including the attendance and fee of the clergy and any musical requirements, and shall be responsible for all of the incidental expenses. The Board may be able to assist in facilitating these arrangements.
8 The person who is being married shall insure that the Church and its premises are left, after a wedding, in the condition that they were before the wedding.
9 The times and dates of all weddings are to be scheduled so as to take into consideration the needs of the Church and the Association for the use of the Church and its premises.
10 Any person who wishes permission to marry in the Church, or wishes to obtain any further information should contact either of the following individuals.
Paul Doolan
905-773-3988 Home
705-765-5989 Cottage

Barb Black
905-842-3472 Home
705-765-3630 Cottage



The Church of the Kettles, it facilities and docks are entirely supported by those who worship at the Church, and its partner The Kettles Association.  The Association has made significant contributions, especially towards the refurbishing and constant replacement of the docks.Our Sunday offerings more or less look after our annual operating costs, and these offerings have been supplemented from time to time by periodic donations.

The Church maintains several distinct funds, which are kept segregated. Any donations or offerings can be designated to be directed towards one of these funds.

The “Dock Fund” accumulates reserves for dock maintenance, and replacement.

The General Fund is used for the annual running costs of the Church, and funds received by the Church, which are not allocated by the donors, will be deposited into this fund.

The Outreach Fund is money which is donated annually by the Church to the local community and its needs.  The Church has donated money for local outreach projects for over one hundred yeas, and currently gives to our community several thousand dollars each year, depending on our resources.  Periodically, funds are transferred from the General Fund to the Outreach Fund.

The Church receives, from time to time commemorative gifts marking special happenings.  All commemorative gifts are recorded in our Commemorative Gifts Book. The Book is maintained to mark and celebrate the gifts, it is open at all times for reading by everyone, and is kept in the Church. All of the commemorative gifts are recorded without indicating the amount given, but under the donor’s name.

Ordinarily, the commemorative gifts are put into the Dock Fund or Outreach Fund.  However, if donors wish to give to the Church particular items, then they area asked to contact Paul Doolan or Doug Jarrett and discuss the gift.  Examples of these gifts are the two fine benches, which are outside of the Church and on the docks, and are in constant use by the Church and the Association.  Because our Church is now well over 100 years old and its building is now “historic”, the Board has decided that as a general rule it will not put up decorative or memorial plaques within the church.  All special gifts are of course recorded in our Commemorative Gift Book under the donor’s name.

The Board thanks the many who have contributed to the Church over its many years, and depends on continued giving for its existence.  All gifts are of course tax deductible.  For further information, please speak to Paul Doolan or Doug Jarrett.



1.            The Board of Trustees of the Church of the Kettles has established a Memorial Fund,   which is to be used for purposes and needs of the Church other than ordinary operating expenses.

2.            The Memorial Fund is kept separate from all other general account and funds.

3.            Al donors will receive tax receipts for the amount given to the Fund.

4.            The Church welcomes and encourages donations ‘In Memory Of” or “In Honour Of”, and all dedications shall be listed in the Memorial Book of the Church of the Kettles.  The dedication may or may not include the donor’s name, and the amount donated, at the wish and direction of the donor.

5.            For those wishing to donate funds to the Church, which they wish directed towards a specific purpose, objective, or gift, the Board should be contacted for suggestions or discussion.

6.             The Memorial Book will ordinarily be kept in the Church, will be available fore public viewing, and will be maintained by the Treasurer of the Church.

7.            Unless specific arrangements are made which are mutually acceptable to the donor and the Board, the Board may use, in its sole discretion, all monies dedicated to the Memorial Fund for any purpose other than ordinary operating expenses.

8.             The Board of Trustees may make changes or amendments to the Memorial Fund Policy, but shall publish those changes and amendments, if and when made.

9.            Paul Doolan, the Chair to the Board or Trustees, or Doug Jarrett, the Board’s Treasurer, can be contacted with any enquiry and would be very please to assist.

Paul Doolan                                                Doug Jarrett
905-773-3988 Home                                 519-986-3161 Home
705-765-5989 Cottage                             705-765-5627 Cottage